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I'd say I come by my love of radio honestly. My dad was a producer at the BBC for years before I was born, and then went on to write radio dramas for the CBC in Canada where I grew up. Sometimes they would star my mom, an actress, sometimes she'd be coming over the airwaves because she was just sitting in for a local presenter. Needless to say, CBC was always on in our house. Randy Bachman's Vinyl Tap, Stuart McLean of Vinyl Cafe, Anna Maria Tremonti on The Current, and Rex Murphy on Cross Country Checkup, to name a few, felt like disembodied uncles and aunts of my childhood.

It's amazing how close you can feel to someone as you take in the tiny details of their voice day after day, week after week, year after year. The best radio presenters make you feel as if they're speaking just to you, that they know exactly what you're thinking in response, and that they have the perfect song/joke/story for that thought, by the way.

I love the way radio works in everyday soundscapes or music to deepen the listening experience and make shows feel three dimensional. That's what great radio is to me - three dimensional. It transports you from wherever you may be and puts you down right inside the story that's unfolding. It's a safe cocoon in your day where you are at the whim of a trusted host, and you allow yourself to be taken on whatever adventure they have in store for you. It becomes a collaboration between you and the host as you visualize their stories, their expressions, their gestures, and in that way allows every listener to have a unique experience.

I am so excited to be given the opportunity by MWPR to build my own world!

T. Thomason

T. Thomason

Singer Songwriter

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