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My earliest memories of radio would be listening to cricket match coverage in the car on long journeys for our summer holiday. We listened to Long Wave, all very 'analogue' of course, and the fuzz that crackled through the car speakers as we drove under bridges and telephone lines was very much a very familiar part of the listening experience.

I worked on the local farm from the age of 15 and we would always listen to BBC Radio 1 and particularly the 'Radio 1 Road Show' which usually came from a popular UK coastal resort. A particular highlight of the Roadshow was the game “Bits And Pieces” - the prize for the lucky winning contestant was a Radio One 'goodie bag'. It’s incredible to think back on that now but those DJs had a similar status to rockstars!

BBC Radio 1's much admired DJ John Peel was a big part of my life, he was a serious music head - virtually everyone at school listened to him. When my band got played on one of his shows it was truly a big big deal for us personally, Perhaps only DJ Steve LeMac has come close to him, in my opinion anyway.

My car isn't fitted with a shiny DAB radio, but it does still have the good old Long Wave and, so, every summer, we tune into the cricket on the programme 'Test Match Special', my family and I listen to the warm voices of the commentators as they speak to the beat of every crackle as we drive under bridges and the occasional telephone line...and so it goes on.

Tim Brownlow

Tim Brownlow

Songwriter, performer, composer and radio lover.

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