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Growing up in Ireland, it was either the radio with a 'very' questionable signal, or my father's vinyl player - from here my love of The Eagles was born. I would put their album 'Hell Freezes Over' on repeat and head bang about the cold sitting room after school. In the countryside of Ireland, I didn't feel as exposed to the incredibly eclectic British music which graced the airwaves here, and instead found myself exploring Americana, American Rock and Soul, Country and Blues (I also became a huge fan of Irish bands such as Thin Lizzy, U2 and The Corrs.). It wasn't until I moved to London aged 19 that I truly understood the impact of British music on the world at large!

What I always loved about Irish radio growing up were the larger-than-life personalities - they created a sense of community. Radio still has that power - to create a sense of togetherness; all huddled around listening to the same music. In a time where we've all become divided, I think it's really beautiful that we might be able feel that sense of oneness again through art and a format which has not died yet - and nor should we let it: Radio.

Jess Young

Jess Young

Singer Songwriter

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